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The Apostolic Movement is Upon Us

The wave of a new movement is upon us. The fivefold ministry has found it's place and now the apostles are rising up all over the world. You can feel it rumbling underneath your feet. You feel it stirring in your belly. The complacency that you cannot stand is the shaking that is upon us.

If you are sick of church as usual and you can feel the new coming, then know that the apostolic movement is right at your door and beating in your heart.

For a time, the church needed time to get ready. She needed her evangelists and prophets, teachers and pastors to find their place. For a very long season, the prophetic movement took center stage as it felt its way in the dark, to get to a place of maturity.

As the church took her time to mature and find her feet, God hid His apostles in secret places and trained their hands to do His work. Today, we have come to a place where both the church AND the apostles are ready for the new movement.

The church has cried out for true, god-given leadership. Now is a time that we will see God's apostles rising out of the ashes and leading the church into a golden era. Are you ready? Do you feel it?

A Word From the Apostles

The Lord is moving in His Church and we are honored to be on the crest of the wave that is sweeping across the nations. The name of our ministry is intentional - Apostolic Movement International. 

Not only has God called us to train and equip all of the Fivefold Ministry, but we are called to prepare and train His people for the new move He is bringing in the Church.

There is no better way to do that than through hands-on workshop and training. We have many other divisions dedicated to our online training. The Apostolic Network site is dedicated to the live workshops being hosted in your area.

Meet the Apostles...

Apostle Craig Toach

Apostle Craig Toach has fathered many to rise up as mighty men for the Lord. Today he is the apostle, alongside his wife - Apostle Colette Toach, over Apostolic Movement International. However, he is not one who started at the top, but rather worked his way from the bottom up.

In 1999, the Lord called him out of his country to follow after Him. Soon after receiving direction to get on a plane to Mexico, he found himself without home, work and not knowing the language of the people. In obedience to the Lord, he led his family out to a country and a people that was unfamiliar to him, with only a dream and a vision to change the church.

There in Mexico, in the heat of living by faith, was launched the Prophetic Training School that we have today. Then soon to follow, the Fivefold Ministry School. Now a standard in fivefold ministry training, Apostle Craig and Colette Toach, spear-headed the way of training up God's end time's leaders. Since then, Apostle Craig has opened his home to many that the Lord has brought to be parented into sharp and precise weapons for the Lord.

Apostle Colette Toach

If she is not busy writing a book and laying the foundation of the church, she can be found training and shaping her spiritual and natural children into mighty men for the Lord.

She is a trainer of trainers, a highly sought after mentor and an apostolic mother to the church. Just as Deborah of old gave instruction and mothered Israel, so Apostle Colette pours out to the church, nurtures her to maturity and leads her into battle. 

With her many ministry abilities however, one that stands out rare and loud, is her ability to pull out the callings in others and launch them into the depths of their calling. For over 15 years, she has identified and launched many ministries forward.

When you come to receive, you will see that she not only teaches from experience, knowledge and wisdom, but with apostolic authority. Being given the mandate to set a standard in the church of what the fivefold ministry looks like, when she teaches – she lays a foundation in your heart.

So... What Happens at an AMI Event?

Anointing. Direction. Power. A fresh touch from the Lord. That is what people come to receive when they come to an AMI Seminar. After walking down the road of ministry awhile, everybody needs a fresh encounter with the Lord Jesus.

At an AMI event you can expect to have a face-to-face encounter with the Lord that will bring you back to the simplicity of why you started on this road in the first place.

The "love" anointing or "gentle breeze of Jesus" is what breaks the walls of every single heart and brings you into the Throne Room. When you experience the praise and worship at AMI, you experience the love of the Father.

However, it does not stop there! With a mandate to set up the standard for the Fivefold Ministry in the church, Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, teach from a place of authority. What sets them a part is the mandate that has been entrusted them.

Not only is their teaching cutting edge, but the message they come with, is vital to your calling. If you are looking for the next step to take, you will find it here. However... be warned, their level of teaching is not for the faint of heart, but for those that have been called to take the church to the next level.

Although training is the core 100 of Aposotlic Movement International, Apostles Craig and Colette also carry the weight of teaching the church on spiritual parenting, and ministry and marriage. At A.M.I. these are topics that go hand-in-hand when raising up mighty warriors for the Lord.

Connections That Last a Lifetime

When A.M.I. comes to town, the first thing you will notice is that they are all about relationships. Apostles Craig and Colette do not stand alone, but always by their side, is their apostolic team.

What so many people find refreshing is the emphasis that they put on family and marriage. When you see their team, you will see the diversity in the culture, nationality and creed of each team member, yet all undeniably one spirit. Each team member is one trained up by the apostles themselves - flowing in the same anointing and power as the apostles.

At an AMI event, we make sure that nobody leaves without getting a touch from the Lord. Throughout the event, Apostle Craig and Colette's team make themselves available for personal ministry and direction.

So often out there, you go to a conference and do not make any connections. Here at AMI, you come as strangers and you will leave as family. By the last day of the event, you will feel a tearing away from those that you have opened your heart to. People whom you have let into your heart, pour into you and shine His light through you. You will laugh, you will cry and you will leaving knowing you have a place to belong.

Here at AMI, we build relationships with God's people. In fact, many family and team members started as a student of one of the schools or a seminar attendee.

Having walked the road of ministry, we know that you cannot do it alone!

Sick of church as usual? Want to ride the wave of the Apostolic Movement? Attend our next event or host the apostles in your city.

The apostolic movement is upon us. It is rumbling under your feet, it is exploding in your belly. It is time to release it in your city!